The Infinite Dial Recap

a shockingly normal year

Hello, friends! A short newsletter this week—producing the 2021 Infinite Dial took most of my time, but it is a work of which we are inordinately proud. As my co-host Triton Digital’s John Rosso and I talked about on yesterday’s webinar, the data was shockingly normal in a year that was anything but.

I’ve posted what I think is the most significant graph from our the data above, and you can read the whole report and watch a replay of the full presentation here. I did have some thoughts about the import of this year’s numbers, and how I hope we don’t all take them for granted, and I decided to share those thoughts on a Medium post this week, which I am bringing to your attention first. It’s called The State of Podcast Listening for 2021: Podcasting Finds a Way. I hope you share the sentiment I expressed in that article. And, if you see fit, share the article, too.

Finally, John and I did a “Wrap Party” on Clubhouse for an hour after the presentation yesterday, and I can tell you this—creating a podcast is energizing and enjoyable; moderating a Clubhouse room and keeping it moving is neither of those things, at least to me. I’ll stick to being a guest in your Clubhouse rooms.

Have a great weekend.