A New Home For I Hear Things

livin' and dyin' with the choices I made

The skinny: I have migrated my newsletter, I Hear Things, off of Substack. The I Hear Things newsletter is moving to http://www.ihearthin.gs, but if you have already signed up, you needn’t do a thing—you’ll get Friday’s newsletter as usual. Content will remain up at Substack for a while, but will eventually only live at the new site.

More details: I’ll be talking a little more about the decision in my Friday, April 2 newsletter, which will be the first on my new platform. For current subscribers, almost nothing changes. You will get the newsletter for free as usual in your inbox. Check your SPAM filter if you don’t see an email from I Hear Things Friday afternoon (it will come from a tomwebster.media email address). If you’d like to manage your subscription or read past issues of the newsletter, you just have to log in at http://www.ihearthin.gs with your email only—no passwords or other information are needed. Sign in with the same email you used to register for I Hear Things and you’ll be emailed a “magic link” to access the content. When I send the next newsletter I’ll provide this information again, so you’ll have it handy.

This is better for you, and better for me, believe me. I am so grateful for your trust and interest in my newsletter—the new platform just ensures that you will continue to get my content for free each week with no potential Substack strings attached.

Again—please sign up for I Hear Things at http://www.ihearthin.gs, not here at Substack (though I’ll check on signups there from time to time to catch the stragglers!)